Simple Number Meanings

There are many times during routines when you ask someone for a number. Instead of just using it as the number of cards to deal, as just a fleeting thing, you could use the number as a way to make a more personal connection with your participant…

You’d like me to deal 8 cards? It’s interesting that you chose the number 8 because that number means inspiration and it tells me something about how you think and act…

While you could do a deep dive into numerology and the meanings of all the numbers, and that could be fun, I have a faster way for you to “give it a try” with quick mini-readings.

Download the PDF file below and get a quick phrase you can use for the digits 1 through 9. If you’re using a number that’s more than a single digit, just add the digits together until you get down to the base number.

For example, they give you the number 48. Add 4 + 8 to get 12 and then add 1 + 2 to get 3, which is the number of expansion.

Okay, enough blather. Download it and give it a shot.