Cut the Cheese

A crude magic effect, but one that doesn’t stoop as low as the Magic Ding Dong — this one you can show your Mom!

The effect: The magician shows the back of a shopping list and explains on the other side is everything the volunteer needs to make a special spaghetti dinner for their guests tonight. Unfortunately, the volunteer has forgotten one thing on the list and the magician puts a card face down on the table, saying that’s his prediction for what will go wrong with the dinner.

Handing the volunteer a pair of scissors, the magician has them choose a line on the back of the ingredients list — cutting any line will cut through one of the ingredients on the other side. The volunteer chooses a line, cuts the shopping list, and the magician takes back the scissors and hands the cut shopping list to the volunteer, asking them to put the pieces next to each other to see which item was cut.

When it’s seen that the volunteer cut the cheese, the magician says, “I have a feeling your dinner party isn’t going to go well,” and turns over the prediction card which shows a person “cutting the cheese.”

The Shopping List

Fun Features

  • This is sized for a group of friends sitting around, or a typical birthday party sized crowd. Not for stage unless you hand out binoculars to everyone first.
  • Yeah, it’s a fart trick, but if you’re just a little classier than me and can’t swing this ending, I give you a separate prediction card so you can say “the mouse ate it!” starring that cute mouse up above.
  • No gimmicks, so there’s nothing to break. You do use up a shopping list each time you perform the trick, so just print a bunch ahead of time – no refills to buy. Easy peasy.
  • Scissors not included. (Or paper, or your printer…)

Just one more thing…

This is a digital product — download it as a PDF file which include a Print Your Own Props section. Print all the props on your printer, add some glue and scissors and you’re ready to go.

No meticulous arts and crafts skills needed! Use a paper cutter or some scissors and you’re good.

DIY – Print Your Own Props

A link to the PDF file will be emailed to you within 10 minutes. You’ll be set to Print Your Own Props and get started right away!


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